General Information

Name Byron C. Lockwood
OpenOversight ID 84221
Unique Internal Identifier None
Department Buffalo Police Department
Race Black
Gender Male
Birth Year (Age) None (None)
First Employment Date 1984-01-30

Assignment History

Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Deputy Commissioner None Unknown


Annual Salary Overtime Total Pay Year
$153,378.00 FY 2020


  • Incident

    Date May 10, 2020
    Department Buffalo Police Department
    Officers Ronald J. Ammerman, Michael C. Scheu, Byron C. Lockwood
    Description CW: Quentin Suttles sustained serious personal injuries when Buffalo Police Officers used excessive force and brutally beat Mr. Suttles after pulling him over and arresting him.
    Address None between East Eagle and Madison Street
    Buffalo, NY