Find an Officer

Fill in the information you know about an officer you interacted with. Don't worry if you don't know or have answers to every question. OpenOversight takes what you provide and generates a digital gallery of officers who may be a match.


Name and Badge Number

Officer Rank, Unit, and Status

A chart representing officer ranks and their symbols/shoulder patches. Superintendent: Four stars. First Deputy Superintendent: Three stars. Chief: Two stars. Deputy Chief: One star. Commander: A silver oak leaf. Captain: Two parallel vertical bars that can be gold or silver. Lieutenant: A vertical bar that is gold or silver. Sergeant: Three chevrons or stripes. Field Training Officer: A single chevron with a horizontal line across the bottom with the letters FTO inside. The following do not have a symbol or patch: Police Officer/Assigned as: Detective, Youth Officer, Gang Specialist, Police Agent, Major Accident Investigator.

Officer Demographics

Officer Age