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Date Jan 14, 2021
Department Rochester, NY Police Department
Officers Dylan D. Minnick
Address Webster Ave
Rochester, NY

Incident Description

RPD arrested Abdul Hadi during a traffic stop as a means to prevent him from reaching his house when his wife, Aqueelah El Bey, called him for help when CPS misused police to do a raid on their home to remove their children for "Educational Neglect."

Body-worn camera footage located at:

Officer Dylan Minnick deliberately turned off his body-worn camera at two instances during this arrest interaction. In the BWC footage, Minnick turns his camera off at the: a) 12:41 minute marker, the time stamp jumps from 13:12:42 to 13:16:45. b) 13:58 minute marker, the time stamp jumps from 13:18:02 to13:20:41.

Officer Todd Wassinger was also involved in this arrest and he also deliberately turned off body-worn camera at one instance.