Chicago Police Department

    Incident 5

    Date Aug 14, 2018
    Time 11:00 PM
    Department Chicago Police Department
    Officers Garrick D. Jeffries

    Officer Jeffries has been identified by the community as having pulled out his baton and beaten protestors during the night of the death of Harith Augustus. Officer Jeffries instigated many hostile situations and was incredibly violent in the encounters with protestors, as caught by film. He was later identified on Twitter by community members.

    Address 71st Street
    Chicago, IL

    Incident LPL1

    Date Oct 20, 2014
    Time 10:00 PM
    Report # LPL1
    Department Chicago Police Department
    Officers Jason D. Van Dyke

    Officer Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald (17 years old) 16 times, killing him. McDonald was walking away from the officer at the time.

    Address S Pulaski Rd between W 41st St and W 42nd St
    Chicago, IL