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Date Jun 04, 2020
Department Buffalo Police Department
Officers Aaron M. Torgalski, Robert J. Mccabe Iii
Address Buffalo, NY

Incident Description

CW: While at a Black Lives Matter protest, 75-year old peace activist Martin Gugino approached a line of riot police stopping in front of the them to talk, one officer yelled “push him back”; one officer pushed his arm into Mr. Gugino’s chest, while another extended his baton toward him with both hands. Mr. Gugino feel backward, with blood immediately leaking from his right ear. An officer leaned down to examine him, but another officer then pulled the first officer away. Several other officers walked by Gugino, motionless on the ground, without checking on him. The District Attorney's office of John Flynn charged the two officers that pushed Gugino with felony assault. However, a grand jury chose not to indict.


  • Buffalo police cleared over pushing 75-year-old George Floyd protester
    An arbitrator has ruled that two Buffalo police officers did not violate use-of-force guidelines when they pushed a 75-year-old protester to the ground in June 2020, during racial injustice protests following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Gugino, pushed backward, started bleeding after hitting his head on the pavement. He spent about a month in the hospital with a fractured skull and brain injury. - The Guardian
  • Arbitrator decision Officers McCabe & Torgalski
    The arbitration was conducted under the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, Inc. and the City of Buffalo. The Charge claimed that on June 4, 2020 the Respondents “used unnecessary force and/or violence against Martin A. Gugino, a protester being dispersed, by forcibly pushing him causing him to fall to the ground and strike his head” Both officers were found not guilty of the Charges, and had their charges dismissed. - Mike McAndrew


  • Two Buffalo police officers shove a man to the ground in front of City Hall (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
    CW: Video captured by WBFO on June 4, 2020 show two Buffalo police officers shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground during a protest in front of City Hall, causing an injury that left him bleeding from his ear. - WBFO