General Information

Name Katy Purcell White
OpenOversight ID 83711
Unique Internal Identifier None
Department Montpelier Police Department
Race White
Gender Female
Birth Year (Age) None (None)
First Employment Date 2010-10-28

Assignment History

Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Officer 811 2010-10-28


Annual Salary Overtime Total Pay Year
$65,562.00 2021


  • Incident 20MP006929

    Date Dec 05, 2020
    Time 1:45 PM
    Report # 20MP006929
    Department Montpelier Police Department
    Officers Diane Mathews, Katy Purcell White, Jeff Pearson
    Description Disturbance at Statehouse. Montpelier Police allegedly did not assist a child that was being assaulted by Trump Supporters. State's Attorney will not file charges and recommends the case be resolved through a restorative justice program.
    Address State Street near None
    Montpelier, VT