General Information

Name Jason A. Whitenight
OpenOversight ID 84586
Unique Internal Identifier None
Department Buffalo Police Department
Race White
Gender Male
Birth Year (Age) None (None)
First Employment Date 2008-01-18

Assignment History

Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Lieutenant L453 C District Unknown


Incident 38

Date Jun 24, 2012
Department Buffalo Police Department
Officers Karl B. Schultz, Jason A. Whitenight

Wilson Morales was shot by Buffalo police officers after a car chase on the city’s East Side. The bullet that struck Morales, then a 17-year-old student at WNY Maritime Charter School, instantly paralyzed him from the chest down. Buffalo’s Common Council authorized one of the largest lawsuit settlements in the city’s history: $4.5 million to Morales. A grand jury cleared Officer Karl B. Schultz and a partner at the time, Jason R. Whitenight, agreeing they fired in self-defense as the teenager backed the van he was driving toward Whitenight at the tail-end of a high-speed chase.

Address Buffalo, NY