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Date Nov 28, 2012
Time 8:54 PM
Department Buffalo Police Department
Officers Michael J. Anderson, Robert M. States
Address Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY

Incident Description

CW: In 2012, prisoner Richard A. Metcalf, Jr. died due to strangulation after jail guards tied a spit mask around his neck.


  • Appeal from an order of the Supreme Court
    The father of Richard A. Metcalf Jr. commenced this action seeking damages arising from fatal injuries sustained by his son while in custody at the Erie County Holding Center. - Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York
  • Holding Center video of inmate doesn't back up deputies' claims
    Jail video obtained by The Buffalo News doesn’t back up what Buffalo Police Officer claim happened. - Matthew Spina of The Buffalo News
  • State panel: Jailers, not a heart attack, killed inmate
    "Metcalf's death was a homicide caused by the restraint methods used by the Erie County deputies," says the state Commission of Correction, which polices local jails in New York and dispatches its "Medical Review Board" to examine deaths behind bars. - Matthew Spina of The Buffalo News
  • Father of man beaten to death at county holding center: ‘My son still needs me’
    The commission’s report released Sept. 26 detailed extensive injuries to Metcalf Jr., including broken ribs, badly bruised face and body and organ failure. The commission’s forensic pathologist — who reanalyzed tissue samples taken during Metcalf’s autopsy — determined he died as a result of a homicide caused by traumatic asphyxia. In other words, he was beaten and strangled to death. - Dave Greber, News 4 Reporter
  • Erie County deputies will not face charges in controversial Metcalf death
    What happened to Richard Metcalf five ago in the Erie County Holding Center was gruesome, controversial, and his family thought, a crime. But Cattaraugus County District Attorney Lori Pettit Reiman, brought in to investigate the Metcalf case because of a conflict of interest at the Erie County DA’s office, said Friday there is "insufficient proof" to charge anyone involved -- even though she called the death "horrible" and "completely preventable." - Charlie Specht of WKBW
  • Appeals judges uphold ruling, narrow lawsuit over Erie County inmate's death
    When Sheriff Timothy B. Howard sat for a deposition in a wrongful death lawsuit and answered "I don't know" 68 times, he still helped Erie County defend itself in the matter going forward. - Matthew Spina of The Buffalo News
  • Final Report of the New York State Commision of Correction
    In the Matter of the Death of Richard Metcalf, and inmate of the Erie County Holding Center - New York State Commission of Correction


  • Video shows no struggle by inmate wheeled out of Holding Center
    CW: The video shows that Richard A. Metcalf Jr. lay completely still during the 136-second procession from the jail’s medical unit to an elevator, down a hallway and finally out the door. Metcalf, the video shows, couldn’t have moved if he’d wanted to. He was strapped in tightly and bound at the hands and legs. - Erie County Holding Center Security Footage