General Information

Name Daniel Derenda
OpenOversight ID 83986
Department [NY] Buffalo Police Department
Race White
Gender Male
Birth Year (Age) Data Missing
First Employment Date 1986-03-24
Number of known incidents 2
Currently on the force No

Assignment History

Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Commissioner None Unknown
Commissioner Retired 2018-01-17 2018-01-17


Incident 35

Date May 07, 2017
Department Buffalo Police Department
Officers Justin P. Tedesco , Joseph B. Acquino , Jose M. Rivera , Richard N. Hy , Jonathan F. Bierl , Henry Velez , Daniel Derenda

CW: Officers beat and fatally shot Jose Hernandez-Rossy during an unlawful, racially-motivated traffic stop.

Address Buffalo, NY

Incident 242

Date Jun 03, 2013
Department Buffalo Police Department
Officers Joseph M. Cook , John C. Garcia , Daniel Derenda

Police busted down a door of a Breckenridge apartment belonging to Iraqi War combat veteran, Sgt. Adam Arroyo in Buffalo looking for drugs. In the process, the police shot Arroyo's dog Cindy multiple times, killing the dog.

Police claim they read his address wrong. They meant to raid the upstairs front apartment at 304 Breckenridge St, but they became confused and raided the rear apartment. Busting down Arroyo’s door, they found that he was not at home. His dog Cindy, a pit bull, was tethered to the sink in the kitchen.

Detective Joseph Cook, accompanied by a SWAT team of police, chose to stand beyond the length of tether and shoot Cindy, as opposed to wasting the time it would take to get animal control into the house and place the dog in a kennel.

After Cindy was shot, animal control arrived and unloosened her from her bloodied leash. The impact of the bullet had thrown the dog, and it had become entangled around her neck. They were inconvenienced as they unwound her leash and untethered her, removing her carcass in a body bag.

Without realizing it was not the apartment named on the search warrant, police were inconvenienced as they ransacked the apartment. Blood from the dog got on their boots and, despite wiping it off on the carpet, they spread it all over the apartment. Some of it stuck like plague to their boots.

Address Breckenridge
Buffalo, NY


  • Former Buffalo police commissioner linked to 2006 letter seeking leniency for Peter Gerace
    A high-ranking Buffalo Police official and his wife sent a letter to a federal judge in 2006, seeking a lenient sentence for Peter G. Gerace Jr., who pleaded guilty to a felony in a telemarketing fraud case, court records show. The owner of the Pharaoh’s Gentlemen's Club is now accused of felony charges of bribing a federal drug investigator, conspiracy to traffic in drugs and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, in connection with activity that allegedly took place in the Cheektowaga strip club. He denies the allegations.
  • Derenda leaves behind a mess at police HQ
    Yesterday, Daniel Derenda was Buffalo police commissioner. Today, out of the blue, he’s retired. The lack of public notice has some people wondering if there’s more than what meets the eye. This much is certain: He leaves behind a police department that is kind of a mess. Some he inherited, others cropped up on his watch. Most telling, perhaps, are the cases of Wardel Davis, Jose Hernandez-Rossy and Craig Lehner.
  • Former Buffalo police commissioner lands job in private security, including City Hall
    Daniel Derenda – who retired as Buffalo police commissioner – has started work for one of the world’s largest private security firms that provides security at Buffalo City Hall. Derenda, is the general manager for G4S Security Solutions' Buffalo office. He will oversee customer relationships, sales and operational activity in Western New York and Rochester. In addition to a G4S paycheck, Derenda qualifies for a state pension of around $90,000 a year based on his 32 years with the police department and his age.