Montpelier Police Department

    Incident 20MP006929

    Date Dec 05, 2020
    Time 01:45 PM
    Report # 20MP006929
    Department Montpelier Police Department
    Officers Diane Mathews , Katy Purcell White , Jeff Pearson

    Disturbance at Statehouse. Montpelier Police allegedly did not assist a child that was being assaulted by Trump Supporters. State's Attorney will not file charges and recommends the case be resolved through a restorative justice program.

    Address State Street
    Montpelier, VT

    Incident 19MP006253

    Date Aug 09, 2019
    Time 05:15 AM
    Report # 19MP006253
    Department Montpelier Police Department
    Officers Chad Bean , Chris Quesnel

    Cpl. Chad Bean shot and killed a 62-year old man after responding to call of an attempted break-in. Chief Medical Examiner determined cause of death was “homicide/shot by police.”

    Address Spring Street
    Montpelier, VT

    Incident 23

    Date Jun 26, 2012
    Department Montpelier Police Department
    Officers Chad Bean , Kevin Moulton , Wade Cochran

    Officers responded to a domestic disturbance. While attempting to arrest an individual, Officer Bean used a wrist lock that broke the man's arm. The man died several months later with the Chief Medical Examiner determining the cause of death to be "sepsis due to surgical site infection . . . due to failed fixation of left humerus fracture due to blunt force injury of left arm" and characterized the manner of death as a homicide, stemming from an 'altercation with other(s).'"

    Address Pleasantview Street
    Montpelier, VT