General Information

Name John M. Davidson
OpenOversight ID 83981
Unique Internal Identifier None
Department Buffalo Police Department
Race White
Gender Male
Birth Year (Age) None (None)
First Employment Date 2017-01-20

Assignment History

Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Police Officer P3706 C District Unknown


Annual Salary Overtime Total Pay Year
$97,521.00 FY 2020


Incident 32

Date Sep 28, 2020
Department Buffalo Police Department
Officers John M. Davidson, Andrew T. Moffett, Mark D. Ambellan

Buffalo Police Officers John Davidson and Andrew Moffett were suspended for making false statements following a drug arrest. The statements formed the basis for the false arrest of Morgan Eaton on charges of possession of 30 grams of cocaine with intent to distribute. The alleged cocaine was his fiance's medicine. All field and laboratory tests on the pills proved that the pills were not cocaine.

Address Strauss Street
Buffalo, NY