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Date Jul 15, 2016
Department Buffalo Police Department
Officers Joseph B. Acquino, Mark C. Hamilton, Michael J. Acquino
Address Main Street near Filmore Ave
Buffalo, NY

Incident Description

Four officers followed Arthur Jordan into the PCS Metro store and told him he was wanted for questioning. When Jordan said he wouldn’t go with the officers, who lacked both a warrant and probable cause for an arrest, the officers closed in on him, sprayed him in the eyes with copious amounts of pepper spray, punched him in the head and eventually restrained him enough to perform a search.


  • Public Record: Judge Rules Out Jordan's Gun, Horne's Charges
    You can’t say well, the police officer can have his suspicions and be nervous but the defendant cannot have his suspicions and be nervous. It can’t just be one way. We all know—psychologists will testify that in the African-American community, young people, especially young men, when they see police have a different reaction [of] fear … because they know there are police who will beat them up or who will shoot them, and they act accordingly. They act nervously. They run. They hide. Does that mean they are engaged in criminal activity? - Aaron Lowinger of The Public
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    Both Michael Acquino and his brother Joseph Acquino are seen grabbing and pushing Arthur Jordan while he has his hands up. After Jordan is in handcuffs, both Acquino brothers punch Jordan in the head. - Daniela Porat of Investigative Post