Submission Submission

General Information

Name Joseph B. Acquino
OpenOversight ID 83833
Unique Internal Identifier None
Department Buffalo Police Department
Race White
Gender Male
Birth Year (Age) None (None)
First Employment Date 2012-08-03

Assignment History

Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Police Officer Unknown
Detective D643 Intelligence 2019-01-14
Detective D643 D District 2018-07-02 2019-01-14
Police Officer P2372 Housing 2018-06-18 2018-07-02
Police Officer P2372 Commissioner's Office 2018-05-09 2018-06-18
Police Officer P2372 Housing 2014-07-28 2018-05-09
Police Officer P2372 A District 2013-04-29 2014-07-28
Police Officer P2372 Academy 2012-08-13 2013-04-29
Police Officer P2372 Surveillance Camera Monitor 2010-02-22 2012-08-03


Annual Salary Overtime Total Pay Year
$145,345.00 FY 2020
$116,240.00 FY 2019
$92,228.00 FY 2018
$115,505.00 FY 2017
$103,257.00 FY 2016
$86,746.00 FY 2015
$68,351.00 FY 2014


  • Incident

    Date May 07, 2017
    Department Buffalo Police Department
    Officers Justin P. Tedesco, Joseph B. Acquino, Jose M. Rivera, Richard N. Hy, Jonathan F. Bierl, Henry Velez
    Description CW: Officers beat and fatally shot Jose Hernandez-Rossy during an unlawful, racially-motivated traffic stop.
    Address None between Garfield Street and Hartman Place
    Buffalo, NY
  • Incident

    Date Jul 15, 2016
    Department Buffalo Police Department
    Officers Joseph B. Acquino, Mark C. Hamilton, Michael J. Acquino
    Description Four officers followed Arthur Jordan into the PCS Metro store and told him he was wanted for questioning. When Jordan said he wouldn’t go with the officers, who lacked both a warrant and probable cause for an arrest, the officers closed in on him, sprayed him in the eyes with copious amounts of pepper spray, punched him in the head and eventually restrained him enough to perform a search.
    Address Main Street near Filmore Ave
    Buffalo, NY